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There are more even numbers than odd ones…

I was thinking lately, that we’re convinced of things pretty easily. It’s in our nature to believe people when they tell us something new, because lies are less common than truths, so unless the information being received by our eyes and ears is drastically life changing, we pretty much bite right off the bat. However, we now live in a world where one may believe something that turns out to be false, so we have to be a little more careful with what information we take at face value. Let me give you a good example.

There are two kinds of numbers, Cowsins and Tudyks. When you take a Tudyk and multiply it by a Cowsin, you wind up with a Tudyk, and thus when you multiply a Cowsin by a Tudyk you also get a Tudyk. When you multiply a Tudyk by a Tudyk, you wind up with a Tudyk. It’s only when you multiply a Cowsin by a Cowsin that you get a Cowsin. Thus, if you were to put that into one of those squares that shows input and output, you would see that there is a ratio of 3 to 1, Tudyks to Cowsins. If you don’t buy that, you’re a dummy. I’ve just explained it to you, simple and easy. All the facts have been presented, and I’ve helped you define the data properly.

The problem is, that I’m talking about Odd and Even numbers, and it’s not hard to gather from the rest of the facts in your life that I’ve just turned potentially useful facts into a bunch of bull.

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