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Some Video Tutorials…

If I wind up making enough of these, I’ll probably have to make a tab for them, but for now they’ll just have to be blog posts. Here are my first three video tutorials on a little trick I stumbled upon for making asymetrical morph targets for lip sync animation.

Part 1 of the lip sync tutorial.

Part 2 of the lip sync tutorial.

Part 3 of the lip sync tutorial.

Please forgive the fact that the video cuts off the last few words of what I’m saying, it’s not important, I’m just not used to the five minute cut offs you get with free software. Also, give them a minute to load. I recorded them at full screen resolution, something I probably won’t repeat given the load times on this video sharing site. The free version of the screen cap software won’t upload to YouTube, so until I break down and buy Camtasia or something, you’re stuck with me limping by with free stuff.

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