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3D Modeling and Animation


Carla is the avatar in Carla’s Reading Workshop. She works with the kids to encourage and assist them in the game. It’s easier to understand her if you see her in action, and she’s going to be on the web soon (and by soon I mean “I have no idea when we will have it on the web”), so for now she’s going to be a little mysterious.

To describe how the project was completed wouldn’t be too much text to take in, so here you go: Carla is modeled, textured, and animated in 3DS MAX. The animated frames are then rendered, cataloged, and replayed in your favorite 2D engine (we use Java now, but I think she’s headed to Flash, among others). The audio is sent to our automated lip sync program, and we get a fully animated 3D (but output to 2D, as I’ve previously stated) character running autonomously on the fly. She’s not going to go Skynet on us or anything, but she is pretty awesome.

Her interactive abilities are pretty amazing though considering that she comes in 2D, and only takes up about 5 megs of space (don’t quote me on numbers, but it’s pretty darn small). The programmers we have working at CLEAR are pretty cool, and this project helps show that.

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