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This section will soon be called “digital art” and it will have all of my 3D stuff.  Right now I’m just slowly (very slowly) repopulating my online art collection. This lady here is a quick test of my facial rig for the third episode of Scorned. Part of that episode is rendering right now, so be patient. A one man production crew doesn’t move very fast. Neither does a one computer render farm, now that I think about it. It’s not even one of those great i7s. Someone should give me a budget that doesn’t come out of my food budget.

This right here is my final from the “Characters for Games” class at Gnomon taught by Mark Dedecker. He’s an amazing teacher, and an even better artist. What a great class!

And here is the first lip sync test from my facial animation rig. Not a bad start, still a little tweaking here and there to be done.

And, a hand project. I think it turned pretty well.  It’s one of the things I’ve done that pleases me.

This was not my original intent, but whatever...

This was not my original intent, but whatever, it looks cool...

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