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I’ve a small section of pencil drawings up here. Many of them are old, and the rest are quite old. I’ve not really drawn “art” with a pencil for a while. Mostly when I use a pencil now it’s an unwrapped object’s detail (not an actual depth map, just something to help me visualize my 3D work), or basic design elements.


Milla Jovovich

This is Milla Jovavich. I think you may be able to tell that though. My favorite part of this drawing is the lower right quadrant of the lips. You don’t have to like that part though, I just thought I’d share.



This is Sting. I’ve always liked Sting, even before I knew who Sting was, I’ve enjoyed his music.


Jessica Beil

Jessica Biel has a very striking figure and face, so she’s become a relatively frequent subject of mine. This is one of my favorite images of a female form, so when I found the photo, it took me very little time to decide to draw it. I still can’t figure out what she’s doing  in that sink.


A crow

One of my good friends (August Allen) is a photographer. He especially likes birds in action, and I decided to take one of his early photos and mess it up in Photoshop before drawing it. I had a good time with this one. I got to invent a process for drawing.


Alyson Hannigan

I’m a giant dork. Giant dorks like Buffy. Alyson Hannigan is on Buffy. Alyson Hannigan is atractive. Pretty simple stuff really.


Pencil Drawing of Elisha Cuthbert

I think this is the last pencil drawing I did in this most recent flat analog art stint. I got back into watercolors after finishing this one.

And we're back to Biel.

And we're back to Biel.

This actually may have been the first in my flat art stint. Clearly these drawings don’t appear chronologically. Actually, there’s no real order of any kind. You’ll notice that none of my life drawing has appeared yet. It’s coming, I promise.

Colored Pencil of the Grandmaster of Shao-Lin Do.

Colored Pencil of the Grandmaster of Shao-Lin Do.

I know it’s color, but it’s still with a pencil, so it counts as a drawing by my definition.

Colored Pencil Life Drawing...

Colored Pencil Life Drawing...

His head’s a little squat. Strangely, I’ve started to try to correct the squat head problem in Photoshop. Is that cheating?

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  1. george Aug 18th 2010

    parabéns! muito bonito seus trabalhos!!

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