Robert N Bowen

3D Modeling and Animation

Carla’s Reading Workshop

Carla’s Reading Workshop is an educational reading game aimed at teaching children reading and comprehension skills. It’s developed by the Center for Language and EducAtion Research (or CLEAR) as a tool to better understand reading and language development. The program is in the process of being ported to the web, so until that is complete, and I can link to the game, it would be impossible for me to show you all of the work that has gone into the game.

Update: The project has been more or less cancelled. It was more or less successful for it’s purpose. It gathered some valuable data, and that data was used to draw some valuable conclusions. The leader of the project, Barb Wise, has recently retired, and her work in the field of education research will remain famous (in certain circles) no doubt for years to come. I’m extremely proud to have worked with her, and the rest of her talented team, on this project.

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